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Business & Community Directory

UPDATED: March 2016

Published By the Englehart Economic Development and Planning Office

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Eco Resource Centre

1000 Ontario Street Box 250 Elk Lake, ON   P0J 1G0

Description: Cabins, Banquet Hall   

Phone: 705-678-2248   Fax: 705-678-2433

Contact: Heather Guthrie

Englehart Inn

Hwy. 11, Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0   

Phone: 705-544-2225 or 1-416-822-2842   Fax: 705-544-2226


Jamieson Cottages & Camping

Hwy 560 Box 906 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Cottages/Camping         

Phone: 705-544-8228   Fax: 705-544-8518

Contact: Bud Jamieson

Moose Haven Lodge

Stoney Lonesome,  56 Fourth Ave. 380107 RR#1 Charlton, ON   P0J 1B0

Description: Lodge, Cabins, General Store   

Phone: 705-544-2786


Contact: Terry and Carol Petznik

North Star Motel

Hwy. 11, Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0   

Phone: 705-544-2353  Fax: 705-544-2353

Timberline Lodge

440491 Aldred Road, Sharpe Twp. Charlton, ON   P0J 1B0

Description: Hunting/Fishing Lodge 

Phone: 519-695-5720   Fax: 519-695-5558

Contact: Carlyle and Cindy Cross

ACCOUNTING & TAXES                Top

Brent Reid Bookkeeping Services

96 B Fourth Avenue Englehart, ON P0J 1H0          

Phone: 705-544-7778

ADVERTISING & MARKETING                            Top

Northern News

8 Duncan Avenue Box 1030 Kirkland Lake, ON P2N 3L4

Description: Newspaper         

Phone: 705-567-5321   Fax: 705-567-6162


Contact: Wayne Major

Temiskaming Speaker

18 Wellington Street South  Box 580 New Liskeard, ON P0J 1P0

Description: Newspaper      

Phone: 705-647-6791   Fax: 705-647-9669


Contact: Denise Williams

CJBB Radio

334457 Hwy. 11, Evanturel Twp. Box 665 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: 103.1 FM Radio Station

Phone: 705-544-1121


Contact: Pat Ferris

AGRICULTURE                 Top

Aidie Creek Gardens

487413 Aidie Creek Gardens Road RR#3 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Landscapers, Greenhouse, Gardens      

Phone: 705-544-2474   Fax: 705-544-2500


Contact: Charles Warner


Albert Cousineau

Island Road, Robillard Twp. Box 119 Englehart, ON  

Description: Hoof Trimming  

Phone: 705-544-2189

Contact: Albert Cousineau


Brownlee Equipment

Hwy. 11 North Box 700 Earlton, ON   P0J 1E0

Description: Farm Equipment & Rentals       

Phone: 705-563-2212   Fax: 705-563-2218

Contact: Brian Brownlee


Englehart Agricultural Society

Box 490 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0    

Phone: 705-544-2742

Contact: Dorothy DeChamplain


Englehart & District Horticultural Society

Box 677 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0    


Contact: Carrie Anne Field or Bonnie Warner


Gauthier Farms

Box 547 Earlton, ON P0J 1E0

Description: Dairy      

Phone: 705-563-8001


Contact: Yves Gauthier


Green Tractors

271429 Poupore Road, Hwy 11 Box 490 Earlton, ON P0J 1E0

Description: Farm Equipment

Phone: 705-563-2134    Fax: 705-563-2960


Contact: Denis Trudel


Koch Farms/ Agri-Sales Inc.

125364 Gravel Road Box 387 Earlton, ON P0J 1E0

Description: Crops     

Phone: 705-563-8325   Fax: 705-563-2843


Contact: Norm Koch


AUTOMOTIVE                    Top

B & J Options

23 Seventh Street, Box 1044 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: ATV/Snowmobile Parts & Repairs        

Phone: 705-544-5454   Fax: 705-544-5495

Contact: John Peticlerc & Bob Palmer


BNS Corner Gas

Hwy. 11, Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0   

Phone: 705-544-7401


Custom Glass Works

1 First Street North Box 1197 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Automotive & Glass Repair      

Phone: 705-544-0019

Contact: Wayne Preuit


Kingston’s Service Centre

135 Fourth Avenue Box 369 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Gas, Towing & Automotive Services    

Phone: 705-544-2535   Fax: 705-544-8400

Contact: Mike Kingston


Kirkey B E Auto Sales

Hwy. 11 Box 492 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Used Automobile Sales 

Phone: 705-544-8009   Fax: 705-544-8455

Contact: Barry Kirkey


Marshall’s Auto Ltd.

74 Third Avenue, Box 585 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0 

Phone: 705-544-1107

Contact: Steven Marshall


McDonald’s Auto Body

42 Howie Street Charlton, ON   P0J 1B0

Description: Auto Body Repair & Painting   

Phone: 705-676-7386


Contact: Lloyd McDonald


Ministry of Transportation Ontario    

Phone: 1-800-720-1120


NAPA Auto Parts

27 Seventh Street Box 553 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Automotive/Industrial Supply Sales     

Phone: 705-544-2188    Fax: 705-544-8022

Contact: Jeff McLean


Peter’s Garage

Highway 11 Box 447 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0

Description: Auto Repair       

Phone: 705-544-2354   Fax: 705-544-8455


Service Ontario

(In Garlin’s Gift Gallery Plus)

56 Fourth Avenue, Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0        

Phone: 705-544-8050   Fax: 705-544-2110


The Junction Gas Bar (& Restaurant)

6 con. Evanturel Twp. Englehart, ON P0J 1H0        

Phone: 705-544-2256


U-Drive Driving School

15 Fifth Street, Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Young Driver Training  

Phone: 705-544-8425

Contact: Helen Duguay


U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer

334607 Hwy. 11 Box 100, Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0    

Phone: 705-544-5499

Contact: Sandra Barnes


W.C.P. Auto Centre

Brown’s Road, Evanturel Twp. Box 360 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Automotive Centre        

Phone: 705-544-3531

Contact: William Peeling


BANKS                  Top


47 Third Street Box 639 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0     

Phone: 705-544-2208   Fax: 705-544-8468

Contact: Heather Scalise

Northern Credit Union

50 Fourth Avenue Box 689 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0     

Phone: 705-544-2248   Fax: 705-544-2542


Contact: Patricia Stevenson

BEAUTY SALONS                     Top

Country Hairlooms

7 Seventh Avenue Box 934 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Hair Styling, Giftware   

Phone: 705-544-7711


Contact: Trudy Houghton

Perfect Reflections & Esthetics by Elen

39 D Third Street Box 935 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Hairstyling, Esthetics    

Phone: 705-544-8580   Fax: 705-544-8580

Contact: Pam Martin

Studio 46

46 Third Street

Description: Esthetic Services

Phone: 705-544-2992

Contact: Charmaine Juliff

Trudy’s Highway to Hair

81 Fifth Street, Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Hair Styling       

Phone: 705-544-8188

Contact: Trudy LaCarte


Charlton – Englehart Lions Club

Box 190 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Charitable Organization

Phone: 705-544-7675


Englehart & Area Artists

Box 787 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Local Area Artists         

Phone: 705-544-2653

Contact: Karen Pilch


Girl Guides of Canada- Englehart

Description: Charitable Organization

Contact:Ashley Fehr


Englehart Knights of Columbus

Box 1128 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Charitable Organization

Phone: 705-544-8027 or 705-544-8122

Contact: Claude Bougie (Grand Knight) or Garry Calaiezzi (Acting)


Englehart Masonic Lodge

56 Third Street Box 1013 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Charitable Organization

Phone: 705-544-8650

Contact: Tom Henderson


Englehart Nordic Ski Club

Kap-Kig-Iwan Road, Evanturel Twp. Box 719 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0     

Phone: 705-544-2051


Contact: Liz Robitaille


Next Stop Englehart Quilters Guild

Box 45 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Quilter’s Association     

Phone: 705-544-2653

Contact: Karen Piltch


Northern Beacon Rebekah Lodge

Fourth Avenue Box 1124 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Meeting & Dinner Hall  

Contact: Gayle Brownlee


Northland Pioneer Club

(In Northview Nursing Home)

Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Seniors Organization     

Phone: 705-544-2906

Contact: Doug Edwards


Rotary Club of Englehart

Box 488 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Service Club


Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

Box 1062 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Cadets   

Phone: 705-650-0199

Contact: Daniel Desilets


Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 104

104 Fourth Avenue Box 8 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Service Club      

Phone: 705-544-7460

Contact: Joan Renaud


Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 104 Ladies Auxiliary

Box 8 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Service Club      

Phone: 705-544-2488

Contact: Maureen Connolly


Royal Canadian Legion Branch 227

Bay Street, Charlton, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Service Club      

Phone: 705-678-2269


Swamp Rats 4 x 4 Club 

Box 935 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: 4 x 4 Truck Club

Phone: 705-544-2900

Contact: Karen Denomme


COMMUNITY SERVICES                 Top              

Canada Post

58 Fifth Avenue, Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0        

Phone: 705-544-2005   Fax: 705-544-2005

Contact: Sidney Walton

Eco-Logix Recycling

Phone: 705-672-5798

Contact: Belinda Bearisto

Englehart & Area Food Bank

65 Sixth Avenue, Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Open Fridays 10am-12pm     

Phone: 705-961-0641 or 705-544-2826

Contact: Vick Roach or Bill Simmens

Englehart Public Library

71 Fourth Avenue Box 809 Englehart, ON  P0J 1H0      

Phone: 705-544-2100   Fax: 705-544-2238


Contact: Sharon Williams

CONTRACTORS                     Top

Brad Knox Excavating

4 Concession, Marter Twp. Box 113 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Excavation         

Phone: 705-544-8277

Contact: Brad Knox


Fred MacDuff General Contractor 

414240 Bryan’s Road, Evanturel Twp.          

Phone: 705-544-2450


From The Bottom Up Construction

94 Second Avenue, Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Residential Contractor    

Phone: 705-544-3143


John Howard Building

4 Concession, Evanturel Twp. Box 397 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Residential Home Builder         

Phone: 705-544-2430

Contact: John Howard



Knox Construction & Cabinetry

Box 690 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Contractor         

Phone: 705-676-6625


Contact: Andrew Knox


Norm Charland

71 Bay Street Box 101 Charlton, ON   P0J 1B0

Description: General Contractor        

Phone: 705-544-8949

Contact: Norm Charland


Paradis Construction

303233 Lawrence Way, Ingram Twp. RR#1 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: General Contractor        

Phone: 705-544-7700   Fax: 705-544-2115

Contact: Lee Paradis


Riverside Aggregates

334360 Highway 11 Evanturel Township, Englehart, ON P0J 1H0          

Phone: 705-544-3475   Fax: 705-544-2939

Contact: Ray LaCarte


Steve Nychuk Trucking & Equipment

Hwy. 11, 334639 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Truck & Equipment       

Phone: 705-544-2106   Fax: 705-544-2131

Contact: Steve Nychuk


Vickery L.V. Ltd.

Hwy. 11 Box 693 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Gravel, Top Soil, Snow Removal, Construction           

Phone: 705-544-2153   Fax: 705-544-7550


DAY CARES                           Top

Englehart and Area Child Care

70 Eighth Avenue, Box 659 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0

Phone: 705-544-2448   Fax: 705-544-1988


Contact: Corina Yerkie

Timiskaming-Cochrane Ontario Early Years centre

54 Third Street, Box 1105 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0  

Phone: 705-544-8837   Fax: 705-544-8837


Wee Care Day Care

80 Fourth Street, Englehart, ON P0J 1H0     

Phone: 705-544-2186   Fax: 705-544-2196


Contact: Valerie Lacarte


Collège Boréal

Description: Francophone College of Applied Arts and Technology

280 Armstrong Street, Box 6004 New Liskeard, ON   P0J 1P0   

Phone: 705-647-4421     Fax: 705-647-5004

Main campus

21 Lasalle Boulevard, Sudbury, ON P3A 6B1

Phone: 1-800-361-6673 or 705-560-6673       Fax: 705-560-1511


Contact North

80 Seventh Avenue, Box 916 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0        

Phone: 705-544-5464 or 1-800-561-2222    Fax: 705-444-5466


Contact: Lisa Buck


Elementary Teacher’s Federation of Ontario

Englehart, ON P0J 1H0         

Phone: 705-544-7979   Phone: 1-877-858-3836

Contact: Lorri Spaans


Englehart Public School

70 Eighth Avenue Box 489 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0

Description: Students grades JK-6    

Phone: 705-544-2345   Fax: 705-544-2018

Contact: Brenda Litster


Englehart High School

61 Fourth Street Box 130 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0

Description: Students grades 7-12     

Phone: 705-544-2337   Fax: 705-544-8577

Contact: Angela Stinkowji


Holy Family School

80 Eighth Avenue Box 578 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0

Description: Students grades JK-8    

Phone: 705-544-2397   Fax: 705-544-2466



Northern College

640 Latchford St, Box 2060  Haileybury, ON P0J 1K0

Phone: 705-672-3376

140 Government Rd. E.  Kirkland Lake, ON P2N 3L8

Phone: 705-567-9291  Fax: 705-568-8186


ELECTRICIANS              Top

Bos Electric

245309 Hwy. 569, Evanturel Twp. RR#1 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Electrical Contractor     

Phone: 705-544-8316   Fax: 705-544-8326

Contact: John Bos

Englehart Electric

21 First Street North Box 836 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Electrician          

Phone: 705-544-3377

Contact: Terry Chenette


Ambulance Emergency Calls  911

Phone: 1-800-573-4327


Crisis Response System         

Phone: 1-888-665-8888


District of Temiskaming Social Services Administration Board – Emergency Medical Services

61 Fifth Street, Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0     

Phone: 705-544-2675

Contact: John McCarthy, Deputy EMS Chief Central


Englehart Fire Department

Seventh Avenue Box 399 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Fire Department 911

Phone: 705-544-0087

Contact: Tom Henderson


Ontario Provincial Police

911 or 1-888-310-1122


Pavilion Women’s Centre

345 Cecil Street, Box 37 Haileybury, ON P0J 1K0

15 Government Road E, Kirkland Lake, ON P2N 3M6

Description: Safe Haven for Women and their Children      

Phone: 705-672-2128   Fax: 705-672-5422

Contact: Lynne Cheliak (Haileybury)

Phone: 705-567-1777

Contact: Donna or Nancy (Kirkland Lake)


Poison Control

** In Case of Emergency Dial 911    

Phone: 1-800-286-9017


Temiskaming & District VCARS

300 Armstrong Street, New Liskeard ON P0J 1H0  

Phone: 705-568-2154   Fax: 705-568-2153


Contact: Monique Chartrand


ENERGY                Top

Canadian Renewable Energy

4 Concession, Marter Twp.    

Phone: 705-544-8044


CST Canada Co.

38 First Street Box 919 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Ultramar Fuel, Furnace & Hot Water Tank Service & Sales     

Phone: 705-544-7566   Fax: 544-8588

Contact: Hector Laframboise


Just Energy

Mississauga, ON (Ontario Office)

Phone: 855-387-6071 or 1-866-587-8674



Kagawong Power

Bay Street, Charlton, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Hydro-Electric Power   

Phone: 705-544-8867

Contact: Norm Charland


Trans Canada Pipelines Company Ltd.

222 McIntyre Street West, Suite 300 North Bay, ON   P1B 2Y7

Description: Pipelines Emergency     

Phone: 1-800-827-5094


Union Gas

Box 2025 Chatham, ON   N7M 6C7

Description: Gas Lines           

Phone: 1-888-774-3111


ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES                   Top

First Resource Management Group

Field Office, 92 Gov. Road W, Kirkland Lake, ON   P2N 2E4

Description: Forest Management       

Phone: 705-680-0033  Fax: 705-680-0043

Contact: Allan Foley


Gorecki Enterprises

129 King Street west, Englehart Box 514, Englehart P0J 1H0

Description: Woodlot Management and Municipal Drainage Superintendent for the Surrounding Areas​

Phone: 705-544-2714

Contact: Ed Gorecki


J. E. Walker Surveying Ltd.

RR#3 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0

Description: Surveying          

Phone: 705-544-2712   Fax: 705-544-2712

Contact: Jim Walker


Laframboise Forest Ltd.

334667 Hwy. 11, Chamberlain Twp. Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Logging 

Phone: 705-544-2071   Fax: 705-544-2176


Contact: Kelly Laframboise


Lafrance W. Logging Ltd.

467515 Chamberlain Road 5 Box 40 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Logging 

Phone: 705-544-8911   Fax: 705-544-2766

Contact: Wayne Lafrance


Ministry of Natural Resources Hill’s Lake Fish Hatchery

Bryce Township Con 4 Lot 2 RR#2 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0         

Phone: 705-544-8006   Fax: 705-544-8616

Contact: Doug Hobden


Northeast Seed Management Association

81 Fifth Street Suite 9, Box 730 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0       


R.O.W Brushing (Right of Way)

RR2 Box 71 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0

Phone: 705-544-8956

Contact: Wayne Pawson


Shortt Exploration Service

36 Fifth Ave. Box 55 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Mining Exploration       

Phone: 705-544-8485   Fax: 705-544-8582

Contact: Jamie Shortt


Treeline Reforestation Inc.    

Phone: 705-544-1142


FUNERAL SERVICES                    Top

McDonald Funeral Home

46 Fourth Avenue Box 222 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Funeral Home    

Phone: 705-544-2257   Fax: 705-544-8590

Contact: Mike & Mark McDonald


Sanderson Memorial

(In McDonald Funeral Home)

46 Fourth Avenue, Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Memorial Stones

Phone: 705-544-2257   Fax: 705-544-8590

Contact: Mark McDonald


Englehart Dental Office

39 Third Street Box 638 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Dental Practice  

Phone: 705-544-2284   Fax: 705-544-8529


Englehart & District Hospital

61 Fifth Street Box 69 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0       

Description: 30 bed medical facility 

Phone: 705-544-2301


Englehart Family Dental Centre

63 Fifth Street Box 429 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0     

Phone: 705-544-5210


Englehart Family Health Team

63 Fifth Street Box 1110 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Medical Centre  

Phone: 705-544-2321


Kneading Freedom

39B Third Street, Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Massage Therapy Clinic

Cell: 705-647-5380

Contact: Rosemary Graham


Marshall’s Pharmasave

43 Third Street Box 1031 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Pharmacy           

Phone: 705-544-7878

Contact: Wayne Marshall


Northview Nursing Home

77 River Street Box 1139 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Nursing Home   

Phone: 705-544-8191   Fax: 705-544-8255


Rexall Drug Store

63 Fifth Street Box 459 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Pharmacy           

Phone: 705-544-8054   Fax: 705-544-2081


Swift Water Message Therapy

63 Fifth Avenue Englehart, Ontario P0J 1H0           

Phone: 705-544-2242

Contact: Jim Kennedy


Third Street Chiropractic

46 Third Street

Box 905 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0    

Phone: 705-544-8244


Timiskaming Health Unit

81 Fifth Street Box 670 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Health Promotion/Protection     

Phone: 705-544-2221   Fax: 705-544-8698


INSURANCE                 Top

R.J. Tench Insurance Brokers

33 Third Street Box 492 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0     

Phone: 705-544-8686   Fax: 705-544-8556

Contact: Mary Lynn Kirkey

LAUNDRY FACILITIES                    Top

102 Fourth Avenue Box 995 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0

Description: Coin Operated Laundromat

Open 7 days a week, 6am-10pm

 LAWYERS                Top

Ramsay Law Office

Fourth Avenue, Englehart ON

(Mailing Address) Box 160 New Liskeard, ON   P0J 1P0           

Phone: 705-544-2223   Fax: 705-544-2223 or (New Liskeard) 705-647-4341

Contact: Peter Ramsay

Professional Corp. of Law Office of R.A. Dinnen

41 Third Street Box 907 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0       

Phone: 705-544-8878   Fax: 705-544-8444



Campbell Live Bait

20 Sixth Avenue Box 854 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Live Bait & Tackle Sales           

Phone: 705-544-7537

Contact: Rosemary Campbell

Georgia Pacific LLC

Hwy. 11, Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Oriented Strand Board Manufacturer   

Phone: 705-544-6123

Contact: Lorie Jordan

MUNICIPALITIES               Top

Armstrong (Earlton)Township

35 Tenth Street Box 546 Earlton, ON   P0J 1E0

Description: Township Office

Phone: 705-563-2375   Fax: 705-563-2093


Contact: Reynald Rivard


Chamberlain Township

467501 Chamberlain Road 5 RR#3 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Township Office

Phone: 705-544-8088   Fax: 705-544-1118


Contact: Calvin Rodgers


Chamberlain Township Garage

467507 Chamberlain Road 5 RR#3 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0         

Phone: 705-544-2711


Evanturel Township Office

Concession 4, Lot 6 S½, Evanturel Twp. Box 209 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Township Office           

Phone: 705-544-8200   Fax: 705-544-8206


Contact: Amy Vickery


Evanturel Township Garage

Concession 2, Evanturel Twp.           

Phone: 705-544-2650

Contact: Dan Elliot


Larder Lake, Town of

69 Fourth Avenue Box 40 Larder Lake, ON   P0K 1L0

Description: Town Hall          

Phone: 705-643-2158   Fax: 705-643-2311


Contact: Dwight McTaggart


Municipality of Charlton & Dack

287237 Sprucegrove Road, Dack Twp. RR#2 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Municipal Office           

Phone: 705-544-7525   Fax: 705-544-2369


Contact: Dan Thibeault



Building Inspector

Phone: 705-563-2375

Contact: Clayton Seymour


Englehart Chamber of Commerce

Phone: 705-544-8580


Contact: Stacy Borgford

Phone: 705-544-8916


Contact: Bonnie Warner


Englehart Municipal By-Law Enforcer         

Phone: 705-544-2244


Englehart Public Works Superintendent        

Phone: 705-544-2288   Fax: 544-8737

Contact: Ryan Vickery


Englehart Town Hall

61 Fifth Avenue Box 399 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Municipal Government  

Phone: 705-544-2244   Fax: 544-8737


Contact: Susan Renaud


Water Works  

Phone: 705-544-2232


PET SERVICES              Top

Englehart Animal Hospital

74 Fourth Avenue Box 280 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Veterinary Services       

Phone: 705-544-7387   Fax: 705-544-8994


Contact: Dawn Duffy

PLACES OF WORSHIP             Top

Christ Church Anglican

70 Fifth Avenue Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0        

Phone: 705-544-2588


Emmanuel United Church

62 Fifth Avenue Box 53 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0      


Englehart Baptist Church

73 Second Street (Corner of Second Street and Seventh Avenue) Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0        

Phone: 705-544-8521


Contact: Pastor: Rudy Kaufmann


Good Shepherd Church

139 Second Avenue Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0        

Phone: 705-544-8339

Contact: Steve Crosby


Gospel Hall

Corner of Fifth Street & Sixth Avenue Box 902 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0     

Phone: 705-544-7591

Contact: Merv Marshall


Holy Trinity Catholic Church

61 Sixth Avenue Box 608 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0        

Phone: 705-544-8023   Fax: 705-544-1919



Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness’

79 Fifth Street, Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0        

Phone: 705-544-2416


Living Way Pentecostal Church

142 Fourth Avenue Box 38 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0       

Phone: 705-544-8005


Contact: Jamie Nelson


St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church

55 Third Street, Box 737 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0  

Phone: 705-544-2310

Email: stpaul’


PLUMBING           Top

Church Plumbing

17 Ninth Ave, Box 1117 Englehart, ON  P0J 1H0

Description: Plumbing & Heating      

Phone: 705-961-0575

Jamieson Mechanical Ltd.

Hwy. 560 Box 906 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Plumbing & Heating      

Phone: 705-544-8228   Fax: 705-544-8518

Contact: Bud Jamieson

Luke’s Industrial Plumbing

408343 Chamberlain Road 2, Box 92 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Plumbing

Phone: 705-544-8370


Contact: Lucien Caron

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION                   Top

Earlton Timiskaming Regional Airport

106272 Airport Rd, Armstrong Twp. Box 546 Earlton, ON   P0J 1E0

Description: Airport   

Email: or

Contact: Harold Cameron

Ontario Northland Railway

Third Street Box 310 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0

Description: Railway/Bus Station      

Phone: 705-544-7505 or 1-800-363-7512 ext. 0   Fax: 705-544-2297

Contact: John Thib

Wheel Chair Bus

Description: Service 8:30am until 4:30pm     

Phone: (Applications) 705-672-2254

Contact: Krystal


Northern Pride Real Estate Ltd.

31 Third Street Box 972 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0     

Phone: 705-544-8833   Fax: 866-941-4608

Contact: Sally Cliff

RECREATION              Top

Arena Complex

70 Eighth Avenue, Englehart, ON P0J 1H0  

Phone: 705-544-1952   Fax: 705-544-1995


Contact: Sara Osborne


Englehart Community Hall

80 Seventh Avenue, Englehart, ON P0J 1H0

Phone: 705-544-8033 or (For Bookings) 705-544-2244


Englehart Minor Hockey

Seventh Avenue, Box 391 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0  

Fax: 1-888-651-1044



Hilliardton Marsh

952130 Highway 569, Hilliard Twp. Box 645 Earlton, ON P0J 1E0   



474030 Kap-Kig-Iwan Rd, Evanturel Twp, Englehart, ON P0J 1H0           

Phone: (All Year) 705-544-1968, (May to Aug only) 705-544-2050 


Lee Pool

41 First Street, Englehart, ON P0J 1H0        

Phone: 705-544-2332

Contact: Sara Osborne



67 sixth Avenue Box 444 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0

Phone: (Apr-Nov) 705-544-2400, (Dec-Apr) 705-544-2244   Fax: 705-544-8737


Contact: Helene King


Oasis Teen Café

47 Third Street, Box 749 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0    

Phone: 705-544-2048


Contact: Heidi and Justin Boulianne


Temiskaming Drag N Fly Summer Classic

Phone: 705-563-2471


Contact: Claude Daviau


RESTAURANTS              Top

BNS Corner Gas  (Restaurant)

Highway 11, Englehart ON P0J 1H0

Phone: 705-544-7401


Cousin’s Restaurant

Highway 11, Box 918 Englehart ON P0J 1H0         

Phone: 705-544-8411


Coffee Time

Highway 11, Englehart ON P0J 1H0

Phone: 705-544-1134


Sisters & Euphoria

39 Third Street, Box 1106 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0  

Phone: 705-544-1907


Subway Sandwiches & Salad

Highway 11, Englehart ON P0J 1H0

Phone: 705-544-7500


The Junction Gas Bar & Restaurant

6 con. Evanturel Twp. Englehart, ON P0J 1H0        

Phone: 705-544-2256


SERVICES               Top

Harvey Parker Septic Pumping

RR#1 Charlton, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Raw Sewage Disposal   

Phone: 705-544-7609

Contact: Harvey Parker


57 Market Street, New Liskeard, ON   P0J 1P0

Description: Floor Manufacturing     

Phone: 705-647-1313

SHOPPING              Top

Down by the Bay

21 Lakeshore Avenue Box 28 Charlton, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Catering

Phone: 705-544-2529

Contact: Maureen Church

Englehart Flower Shop

46 Fourth Avenue Box 493 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Flowers and Gifts          

Phone: 705-544-8128

Contact: Shelley Smith Denomme

Englehart Valu-Mart

66 Fourth Avenue Box 10 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Grocery Store    

Phone: 705-544-2201   Fax: 705-544-8690

Contact: Lisa Peticlerc

GarLin’s Gift Gallery Plus

56 Fourth Avenue Box 189 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Gifts, Office Supplies & Stationary      

Phone: 705-544-8050   Fax: 705-544-2110

Contact: Linda Wood


Fourth Avenue Box 160 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Liquor & Beer Sales      

Phone: 705-544-2549

MG & Sons General Store

76 Howie Street, Charlton, ON   P0J 1B0    

Phone: 705-544-2333   Fax: 705-544-7833


Contact: Monique Gravel


Robertson Sales

414269 Bryan’s Road, Evanturel Twp. Box 861 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0

Description: Weekly Auctions           

Phone: 705-544-8000


Contact: John Robertson

Sears Canada

(In Garlin’s Gift Gallery Plus)

56 Fourth Avenue Box 189 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Parcel Pick-Up Centre   

Phone: 705-544-2308

Williams & Scott Ace Hardware

47 Fourth Avenue. Box 580 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Culligan Water, Hardware, Electric & Plumbing Supplies      

Phone: 705-544-2002   Fax: 705-544-8269

Contact: Gary Hebert

Wishes & Whims

48 Fourth Avenue Box 795 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Balloons & Decorating, Gift Wrapping, Regal & Avon, Second-Hand           

Phone: 705-544-2092

Contact: Olive Westbrook

SUPPORT SERVICES               Top

Canadian Cancer Society

273 Third Avenue, Suite 101 Timmins, Ontario P4N 1E2    

Phone: 1-800-788-0869   Fax: 705-267-6191



Canadian Mental Health Association

Cochrane – Temiskaming Branch

63 Fifth Street, Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0     

Phone: 705-544-1971   Fax: 705-544-2117



Canadian National Institute For The Blind

60 Wilson Avenue Suite 312, Timmins, ON   P4N 2S7        

Phone: 705-264-2312


Community Cancer Care       

Phone: 705-544-2301 ext. 5256


Community Care Access Centre or Centre D’Access Aux Soins

55 Third Street, Box 98 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0    

Phone:  705-544-2222or 1-888-533-2222   Fax: 705-544-8778


Community Living Temiskaming South

334363 Hwy. 11, Evanturel Twp.     

Phone: 705-544-2533


Diabetes Program Timiskaming

240 Armstrong Street, New Liskeard, ON P0J 1P0  

Phone: 705-647-8722


Employment Options

138-140 Government Road, Kirkland Lake, ON P2N 3L1  

Phone: 705-567-9238   Fax: 705-567-9480



Enterprise Temiskaming

325 Farr Dr. (Main Office) Box 2050 Haileybury, ON P0J 1K0

Northern College Campus, Kirkland Lake, ON P2N 3L1

Description: Small Business Resource Centre           

Phone: (Main Office) 705-672-5155 or 1-800-361-2281  Fax: (Main Office) 705-672-2911


Contact Name: Shelly Lendt


Northeastern Ontario Child and Family Services

40 Third Street, Box 607 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0  

Phone: 705-544-5437   Fax: 705-544-2555


Contact: Dan Horne


Temiskaming Home Support North Temiskaming Region

2-30 Second Street, Kirkland Lake, ON p2N 1R1   

Phone: 705-567-7383 or 1-866-967-7383



TAXI SERVICES               Top

Bond’s Cab Service

434435 Brown’s Road, Evanturel Twp. Box 460 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0     

Phone: 705-544-2041

Contact: Garfield Bond


Mom’s Cab Co.

Box 1089 Englehart, ON P0J 1H0          

Phone:  705-544-0131   Fax: 705-544-8413


Contact :Sherri Dougherty


Terry’s Taxi

(Located at The Junction Restaurant)

Box 100 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0    

Phone: 705-544-2121

Contact: Terry Barnes


TELEPHONE & INTERNET                 Top


Phone: 1-800-360-8555


Persona Eastlink Company Ltd.

1349 Lassalle Blvd. Sudbury ON   P3A 1Z2

Description: Cable Television Telecommunications-Networking Service     

Phone: 1-888-345-1111


WATER SERVICES               Top

MacDuff’s Water Conditioning

414240 Bryan’s Road, Evanturel Twp. Box 303 Englehart, ON   P0J 1H0

Description: Service Coolers, Softeners, Filters, Bottled Water       

Phone: 705-544-2450   Fax: 705-544-2450

Contact: Fred MacDuff



Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA)

4 con. Dack Twp.       

Phone: 705-568-7392

Contact: Anthony Danis


Spruce Grove Pumps

287136 Sprucegrove Road, Dack Twp. RR#2 Englehart, ON   P0H 1H0

Description: Sales & Repairs, Pumps, Power Tools, Electrical Motors         

Phone: 705-544-8254

Contact: Joe Muething






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