Cemetery and Funeral Services

The Englehart Cemetery is located at the end of First Street.
For information please contact the Town Hall.

wooden sign infront of cemetary that says Englehart Cemetary

To view our Cemetery By-law click here.

"Grief is in two parts. The first is loss. The second is the remaking of life." - Anne Roiphe

Funeral Services

Staff at McDonald Funeral Home understand that your grief journey will be unique. With an open door policy, they provide for the dignified and respectful care of your loved ones and the special tribute to their life and memory. During this difficult and overwhelming time of need, allow staff to help you with your arrangements and assist the ease of your transition from honouring loss to remaking life.

"Our Mission is to provide the highest level of professionalism, service and facilities during a time of need. Committed to helping you make the right decisions by providing up-front, factual information on the options available to you. When you make arrangements with McDonald Funeral Home, you can be assured that they will be fulfilled exactly as specified."

To contact McDonald Funeral Home, stop by or click here.


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