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Englehart and the Ontario Northland Railway (formerly The Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway) grew up together, in the fertile soil of the north. Chosen by the T&NO Railway to be the halfway divisional point between Timmins and North Bay, our town was created. Centrally located in the District of Temiskaming along the Highway 11 (Trans Canada) corridor, Englehart is a progressive, family oriented municipality. Whether you are resident or visitor, please browse our site for all Englehart has to offer.

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Englehart Facts:

  • Railway officials chose the name “Englehart” in honor of the Railway Commission Chairman, Jake (Jacob Lewis) Englehart
  • The 701 Steam Engine was the last steam engine to ever ride its regular run on the ONR rails - now proudly displayed beside the ONR train station in Englehart for everyone to enjoy
  • Home of CFL legend Lenny Sparks
  • Englehart Woollings was named after the Town of Englehart - being the first baby born here
  • The Great fire of 1922 which devastated many communities was stopped at the doorstep of Englehart. Many of the survivors were temporarily housed in T&NO street cars
  • Kap-Kig-Iwan Provincial Park with its "high falls" and endless beauty is situated only a stone's throw from the town.

Town Area                     Latitude                             Longitude

300 hectares                 47 degrees                        79 degrees
      (741 acres)               50 minutes North               50 minutes West

Town of Englehart 1,554
Number of Households 746
Average / Household 2.7
Age Distribution
  Males Females
Total individuals, etc. 725 830-835
Median Age 46.4 52.2
Age 0-4 20 35
Age 5-19 135 105
Age 20-44 190 195
Age 45-64 235 245
Age 65+ Individuals etc. 145 250


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